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New logs at PSL!

When you visit the lodge, you will notice 8ft logs around the perimeter of the building. The logs that stood for 14 years have recently been replaced! The old logs were the original ones that were put up with the building in 2008. They started to get dry rot and the color was completely faded after over 14 years of being in the direct sun. Our Board members came together to get the new logs peeled and sealed. HUGE thank you to Starker Forest for donating the new logs! Get more updates and see pictures on this project on our Facebook Page.

Article written 8/24/2022

The Philomath Scout Lodge is working towards a new Veterans Memorial that will replace the current one to the east side of the Lodge. The Board of Directors has asked Neil Richardson, who was the architect for the Lodge back in 2008, to create the renditions and vision for the new memorial. There is also help from Jeff McDaniel, the owner of Creative Graphics in Philomath. Jeff will be designing stainless steel plaques etched with the name, years of service, rank, and photograph of each inducted veteran to be on display. The goal is to raise $250,000 for this memorial. So far, the Lodge has collected $11,978.00 from donations!

The Philomath Scout Lodge is hosting a FREE event to show appreciation to the Clemens Foundation (Rex & Ethel Clemens) and PSL Contributors. Recognition of the supportive organizations is long overdue! It seems appropriate and fitting to celebrate Rex and Ethel Clemens on the very property that once was the home of the thriving Clemens Mill. They provided schooling grants, funds for community projects & athletics, and solid employment during hard times. The Clemens Pool, Clemens Track, Clemens Primary School, and Clemens Foundation all bear their names. This celebration is a free community event. Included will be a free lunch, live music, and interactive bounce house for the kids! Please RSVP to make sure we have enough food to go around.

If you are interested in showing your appreciation to the Clemens Foundation. Please turn these documents in to PSL by July 30th, 2022. You may email it to psli@peak.org. All thank you’s will be put on display at the celebration, and given to the Clemens Foundation. CLICK HERE FOR PDF 'THANK YOU'

Indoor Shooting Range

There is a new indoor shooting range coming!

In addition to hosting a variety of events and community meetings, the Philomath Scout Lodge will expand its campus to include an indoor shooting range owned and operated by the Caliber Club. The facility is not yet constructed and we are currently fundraising for this worthy project.
For more information, please visit their website at www.caliberclub.org